Skiregion Dachstein West


1. General terms

The Dachstein West ski region is a merger of the aforementioned lift and piste operators. The members of the Dachstein West ski region operate their own cable cars and lifts as well as pistes at their own responsibility and as independent legal entities. The use of the term Dachstein West ski region in the following text also applies to the respective lift and piste operator. Online passes for the ski areas of the Dachstein West ski region entitle customers to use the ski areas covered by the Dachstein West ski region. Purchases in our online ski pass shop may only be made by persons over 18 years of age.

These general terms and conditions apply to all services, bookings via the website, as well as sub shop applications on partner websites and for electronic bookings of access authorisations on contactless data carriers (key card) and in the enquiry system. 

Through the use of a valid online pass, a transportation and use of pistes contract with the respective lift/piste operator comes into being and the customer accepts the general terms and conditions of the Dachstein West ski region. Use of the ski areas in the Dachstein West ski region and use of the respective lifts and slopes are subject to the general terms and conditions of the Dachstein West ski region.

2. Scope of application

The general terms and conditions apply to all current and future services, which result in connection with bookings and purchase of online passes with access authorisations by customers online, via WEB applications or other electronic media. Furthermore, the general tariff and transport regulations of the Dachstein West ski region apply.

3. Subject matter of the contract/online pass

The subject matter of the contract is the electronic sale of access authorisations to be stored on data carriers for lifts and pistes for the SKIDATA AG’s “Direct-to-Access” (DTA) pass reservation and booking system. It is expressly pointed out that not all services available through Dachstein West ski region can be booked online. 

With the purchase of an online pass, using the “Direct-to-Access” (DTA) pass reservation and booking system, only the sale and the activation of access authorisations (e.g. ski passes) for the SKIDATA control system available in the Dachstein West ski region, in connection with electronic data carriers (key cards) via the internet or other electronic media, are handled.

Online passes in connection with the key card stated at the time of online purchase entitle the customer to use the lifts and pistes within the framework of the services booked online – unless otherwise specified – at the times and dates specified during the online purchase. Rescheduling of dates after conclusion of the contract is not possible. Redemption of the online passes is – unless otherwise specified – only possible on the stated date. Late redemption is not possible; in this case the pass becomes invalid.

The Dachstein West ski region reserves the right to amend the description of services and to inform the customer thereof in good time.

5. Withdrawal from contract

The services offered by the Dachstein West ski region are leisure services that are provided at a certain time within a clearly specified timespan. The customer therefore has no right of withdrawal (Section 18 Para. 1 (10) FAGG [Austrian Federal Act on Distance and Off-Premises Transactions] in connection with Section 11 Para. 1 FAGG).

6. Data protection regulations

The customer agrees explicitly that their personal data for carrying out the booking and payment processes may be forwarded to the Dachstein West ski region database, stored and processed and, for control purposes, also compared to external systems. The customer also agrees that this data may be passed on to partners and members of the Dachstein West ski region within the framework of the legal requirements and limitations of the Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG). The data will be deleted on contractually correct redemption of the voucher or on expiry of validity. The consent to use such data can be revoked in writing at any time.

Your security is of the highest priority. Therefore, data such as credit card number, bank code, account number, name and address that is provided when paying by credit card, is transferred by certified payment providers via their SSL line, taking into consideration the PCI guidelines. 

The customer declares express consent to the transmission of the payment confirmation to the payment system and – after its release for payment – to the debit of the respective due invoice amount via direct debit authorisation of the selected method of payment.

7. Topping up an existing data carrier

The customer is solely responsible for the correct entry of data, especially the data carrier number. False entry can impair the functioning of the data carrier and the risk is borne by the customer. When topping up an existing key card, the booked service can be made use of 30 minutes after receipt of the confirmation e-mail at the earliest. From this point in time, the activation of the data carrier is effective for all initial entry points of the booked leisure facility.

The customer takes note that, due to the necessary data transfers via the internet and other data lines, it is possible that, in exceptional cases, problems may occur in activating the data carrier, without any legal consequences deriving, provided that the possibility to use the lifts can be ensured by other means.

Guarantee for defects in activation of a working data carrier following a correctly carried out booking can only be made with a new attempt at topping up the data carrier on site by the staff at the lift or by handing over another suitable pass. If the data carrier is not functional, the customer must obtain a new data carrier. If the booking process was only incorrect due to entry of an incorrect or incomplete data carrier number, the booking can be corrected with the help of the staff, or another pass will be issued. In all cases of complaint, the customer must show the processing confirmation, otherwise a guarantee or free reissue of a pass can be refused.

8. Choice of law/legal venue

These terms and conditions apply insofar as they do not contradict mandatory provisions of the Consumer Protection Act of the respective consumer country. Should this occur, however, any terms and conditions shall not become invalid in their entirety, but are only to be reduced to the nearest possible valid contents. Contract language is German. 

Austrian law shall apply (excluding the principles on conflicts of law and the United Nations CISG). Insofar as there is no mandatory place of jurisdiction, jurisdiction shall be vested in the applicable court at the location of the respective lift or piste operator’s registered office.

Information as of December 2020.

Terms and conditions SuperSkiCard

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Bergbahnen Dachstein West GmbH

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1. General Information and Scope of Services

The Schmittenhöhebahn AG is the representative of all cable car and lift companies participating in the SuperSkiCard. These are visible online at The SuperSkiCard, i.e. The SuperSkiCard season pass, the SuperSkiCard 10 day flexi-ticket and the SuperSkiCard 1-14 day ski tickets (subsequently referred to together as: "the SuperSkiCard”) can be purchased either online at the website or from the participating cable car and lift companies and from any other contractual partners published on the website In any case, the present General Terms and Conditions apply. In the case of online sales via the website, the Schmittenhöhebahn AG will act as an agent for the sale of the SuperSkiCard. Contractual partners of the customer from the purchase of the SuperSkiCard are always the participating cable car and lift companies.

The SuperSkiCard entitles customers to the use of the facilities and pistes of the participating cable car and lift companies, as well as the local ski buses (in so far as those organised by the participating cable car and lift companies) during operating times and opening hours in the winter season (this excludes night-time skiing or evening offers e.g. Tobogganing as well as special trips outside the usual hours of operation). The cable car and lift companies operate their cable car and lift facilities as well as the pistes independently and autonomously.

2. Conclusion of the Contract

2.1 The online order of the customer requires a complete and correct entry of all required fields in the booking window, as well as the explicit acceptance of the Ts&Cs via the application provided in the booking window. Misstatements can lead to the withdrawal of the entitlement and the suspension of carriage without replacement. SuperSkiCard season passes, 10-days flexible ticket and ski tickets from 8 to 14 days can only be booked when using a recent photograph. The customer is obliged to disclose any changes to their contact information (names, address, email addresses) immediately. After entering the data and clicking on the button “buy now”, this legally represents an offer to conclude a purchase contract for the SuperSkiCard. We expressly reserve the right to accept the purchase offer. There is no obligation to accept the customer's offer. The customer will receive an email to the given address within 10 days at the latest, with which the purchase offer may be accepted. The acceptance of the offer takes place after verification of the availability and the specified payment data by a separate order confirmation. The provisions shall apply accordingly when purchasing the SuperSkiCard at the participating cable car and lift companies or at one of the other contractual partners; this is with the proviso, that a customer, the consumer within the scope of the Consumer Protection Act, is entitled to a right of withdrawal for online orders; the withdrawal policy and a withdrawal form are linked here.

2.2 The services included with the SuperSkiCard can be used after receipt of the respective data carrier in the corresponding validity period and after the opening of the cable car and lift facilities of the participating cable car and lift companies.

3. Costs/Payment

3.1 The SuperSkiCard is sold at the current specified tariff shown (a) on the website or (b) on the price lists, price notices, folders etc. (the tariff posters) displayed in the cable car and lift companies. With the purchase of the SuperSkiCard, a deposit fee (KeyCard deposit) will be charged, the amount for which can also be seen on the tariff posters. The deposit will be charged together with the invoice amount. The deposit and the specified tariffs always include statutory VAT. The purchase the SuperSkiCard can be made for example by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex oder Diners Club), PayPal, bank transfer or in cash at the cable car and lift companies.

3.2 For a lost or damaged SuperSkiCard season pass or a SuperSkiCard flexi-ticket, a new SuperSkiCard season pass or a SuperSkiCard flexi-ticket can be issued for a handling fee of 15 Euros (incl. KeyCard deposit). The reissue requires the presentation of the disconnection document and an official identity document. If the SuperSkiCard has already been used on the day that the card is lost, the validity period of the newly issued SuperSkiCard is limited to the days following this date.

4. Shipping

When ordering online, the SuperSkiCard will be sent within two working days after acceptance of the order. No responsibility is assumed for the duration or reliability of the carriage by the Austrian Post Office. As a rule, delivery takes at least three working days after dispatch.

5. Use of the Services

For the use of the SuperSkiCard-Services, the General Terms & Conditions and the conditions of transport for the respective cable car and lift companies will apply; these are available on the respective websites and posted locally on-site. Furthermore, the regulations and measures prescribed by the authorities in connection with pandemics (e.g. Covid-19) apply.

As far as the member companies of the SuperSkiCard network are able to provide their services and the lifts in operation allow the use of the corresponding slopes, the customer has no right of withdrawal in the event of bad weather, avalanche danger, unforeseen departure of the customer, temporary interruption of operations, weather-related shutdowns of individual facilities or ski resorts, closures of individual ski slopes or ski resorts, overcrowding of slopes or illness of the ticket holder. There is therefore no entitlement to a refund in these cases and the customer is thereby not released from their obligation for payment.

It is expressly stated that no (pro-rata) refund can be allocated where the partners of the SuperSkiCard are able to provide their services, but the user does not make use of these services due to personal considerations/decisions. Therefore, should, for example, official measures for the use of the services by the partners of the SuperSkiCard be ordered (e.g. obligation to submit a negative test certificate, proof of vaccination, etc.) and the user cannot or does not want to provide this evidence/proof/information, no claim for any (pro-rata) refund can be asserted.

It is also stated that such compliance with the COVID-19 or other protective measures prescribed by the authorities to contain a pandemic is the sole responsibility of the user. If the user cannot or does not want to comply with any officially prescribed measures, the transport of said user may not take place and no claim for any (pro-rata) refund can be asserted.

Likewise, there is no entitlement to any (pro-rata) refund or extension of the SuperSkiCard when partners of the SuperSkiCard take one or more lifts out of operation due to the pandemic related reduced user frequency, as the user still has the opportunity to use the majority of the services offered.

6. Liability

Liability for damages is restricted in cases of intent or negligence. Claims for damages for minor negligence are excluded. Claims under the title of damage compensation are to be claimed with the cable car and lift company responsible for the damage.

The provision of services can be temporarily, wholly or partially restricted, at one or several cable car and lift companies due to technical malfunctions, lack of snow, in case of force majeure or due to natural disasters such as storms, thunder, heavy rain and snow chaos danger of avalanches or other operational disruptions. The SuperSkiCard is a interregional product, that can be used at all of the participating cable car and lift companies. There will be no guarantee made for the uninterrupted availability of the services offered by the SuperSkiCard at each individual cable car and lift company on each day.

7. Refund during operational lockdowns due to epidemics or pandemics

If the participating cable car and lift companies are prevented from providing services, on all lifts and cable car facilities in all regions in which the SuperSkiCard is valid, due to an epidemic or pandemic and if this leads to a complete closure of the affected cable car and lift companies within a period of at least 4 weeks from the date of purchase of the season ticket, the costs paid by the customer for the SuperSkiCard for the period of the complete closure of the facilities will be reimbursed as follows:

-for the SuperSkiCard 1-14 day tickets on the basis of the actual possible use (Example: if the closure is made after the 3rd day of validity for a 6-day ski ticket, the customer will be refunded the difference between the purchase price for a 3-day ski ticket and the purchase price paid by them for the 6-day ski ticket);

-for a SuperSkiCard flexible ticket, the customer will be refunded aliquot for the days of the SuperSkiCard subscription block that have not been consumed (credit);

-for the SuperSkiCard season pass, the refund is made on the basis of a payback period calculation, whereby it is determined, whether the costs of the SuperSkiCard have already been paid back through its usage by the customer. This calculation is made on the basis of a day ticket price calculated by the lift and cable car companies for the respecti-ve product, which will indicate whether the costs of the SuperSkiCard have been paid back from the 15th or more day of skiing. A refund is therefore excluded, if the customer has already used the season pass on 15 or more days of skiing. If a season ticket is purchased during or after a lockdown, the customer has no claim to a refund for the period of the current or already expired lockdown.

A refund claim, which can be made at the end of the season, can be made at any of the participating cable car and lift companies.

8. Refund due to Injuries or Illnesses

If the customer is prevented from skiing due to a serious injury or illness, there will be no entitlement to a reimbursement. The cable car and lift companies however, as a good will gesture, reserve the right to refund the cost of the SuperSkiCard at their own discretion A prerequisite for this is the presentation of a doctor's note from a local doctor. A refund for the SuperSkiCard is impossible after the 28th February during the calendar year. You must notify us of an injury or illness immediately.

9. Misuse

The SuperSkiCard is (also within a family) non transferable. Each misuse leads to the withdrawal of the card without any replacement. In addition to this, the customer is obliged to pay the cost of a day ticket for the replacement, as well as a fine (at least € 40,-) arising from the fare conditions of the participating cable car and lift company. The card is to be kept, so that misuse from a third party can be excluded completely. The filing of a criminal complaint shall remain expressly reserved.

10. Data Protection

The protection of the personal data of our clients is an important matter for the cable car and lift companies. The data of the client will therefore be processed solely on the basis of government regulations (in particular GDPR and DPA). We refer to the Privacy Policy that appear on the websites of the participating cable car and lift companies.

11. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

Austrian substantive law applies as agreed excluding the CISG and the referring statutes of interna-tional private law.

Provided that the customer is the consumer in the sense of the Consumer Protection Act, the court in whose district the place of residence, habitual residence or place of employment is located, is responsible for all possible legal disputes. If the customer is the consumer with a habitual residence in the EU, they may alternatively, claim damages before the applicable court in Salzburg, or in the courts for the place where the consumer is domiciled.

In all other cases, the applicable court at the headquarters of the respective defendant company is agreed.

Version: September 30th, 2021

Terms and conditions Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH

Terms and conditions Snow&Fun

These terms and conditions apply to all present and future services provided in connection with the purchase of tickets and access authorisations by guests (customers).

The individual ski areas and facilities are provided by legally independent companies. These companies operate their respective cableway and lift facilities as well as ski slopes and ski routes on their own responsibility and legally independently. The purchase of a card entitles the passenger to use the facilities covered by the card. However, the actual transport contract is only concluded with the cableway or lift company whose facilities and ski slopes and ski routes the guest is currently using.

Any liability towards passengers, whether based on contractual or legal provisions, for incidents arising from or during the operation and use of the cableway and lift facilities as well as ski pistes and ski routes shall therefore exclusively be borne by the cableway or lift company(s) in whose ski area the incident occurs. Any liability towards the contractual partners, whether based on contractual or legal provisions, for incidents arising from or during the operation and use of the facilities (incl. pistes and ski routes) shall therefore expressly be borne by the company in whose facility use the incident occurs. The other companies are not liable. Liability for slight negligence is excluded, this does not apply to personal injury. Roads, footpaths and the like, as well as playgrounds are not part of the facilities. Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH are not responsible for their maintenance and condition. Outside the winter season, the purchase of a ticket only entitles the holder to use the lifts (depending on the ticket, uphill and/or downhill). Here too, the actual transport contract is concluded with the mountain railway company whose lift is used by the contractual partner. The use of the lifts (cable cars and lifts) requires the possession of a valid ski pass. The cableway company shall not owe the holder of a valid ski pass carriage if carriage is impossible or inadmissible for reasons for which the cableway company is not responsible. Such reasons include not only weather-related influences (e.g. strong wind) but also downtimes due to prescribed maintenance, technical faults, official orders, force majeure (such as riots, epidemics, pandemics or similar).

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Business, the respective terms and conditions of carriage and use of the individual cableway or lift companies also apply.

1. General

By using a valid ticket, a contract of carriage and use of the piste is concluded between Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH and the user. The customer hereby expressly submits to the general terms and conditions of business set out here, as well as the respective terms and conditions of carriage and use of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH, whose facility he/she is using. This also applies in particular to the tariff regulations, the price lists and the officially approved conditions of carriage of the individual facilities as posted on the respective notice board.
Violation of the conditions of carriage or GTC, disregard of complete or partial closures of ski runs and facilities as well as repeated failure to follow instructions of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH staff may result in exclusion from any carriage and withdrawal of the ticket or season pass without replacement as well as, if applicable, criminal charges being brought before the competent authority.
The same applies in the event of deliberate damage to Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH property or behaviour that is insulting to honour or damaging to the reputation of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH.

2. Tickets

Valid tickets can only be purchased at the ticket offices and vending machines of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH, online at, and any partners. For the claiming of a special tariff, corresponding identification is required. For the purchase of long-term tickets (e.g. season tickets), identification and a photo are required, which the purchaser must bring with him or her. In order to receive the family bonus for children, proof of age and family status is also required. Tickets and proof of entitlement for any special fares must be presented to the staff and inspectors of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH on request.

The valid ticket entitles the holder to use all facilities in operation within the period of validity in accordance with the tariff and transport conditions and these GTC. The ticket is not transferable, the subsequent exchange for another ticket and the change of the period of validity are not possible. Tickets that were not purchased at the above-mentioned points of sale, lost tickets, as well as tickets that are improperly purchased or used will be blocked. Any misuse of a ticket will also result in the levying of a criminal charge amounting to twice the price of the day ticket (normal tariff) as well as a criminal complaint to the competent authority.

When purchasing ski tickets, € 2.00 will be charged per ticket issued as an insert for the KeyCard. This amount will be refunded when the ski pass is returned at the ticket office or the designated machines. No refund is possible for damaged tickets. No fee is charged and refunded for tickets issued at vending machines and for some special tickets (one-way tickets).

3. Webshop

Tickets can be purchased in the online shop (, The access authorisation can either be saved on an existing KeyCard or a new KeyCard with the authorisation will be sent by post (Print & Send). Furthermore, self-collection at the cash desks and vending machines is possible on presentation of the booking confirmation.
The "Direct-to-lift ® ticket reservation and booking system" developed by SkiData AG enables the sale and activation of a ski pass for the SkiData access control system available in the ski areas, in conjunction with a KeyCard, via the Internet. This saves the customer from having to buy the access authorisation on site and thus from having to queue and wait at the ticket offices.
A booking can only be made after complete and correct entry of all mandatory fields in the booking window. The customer is solely responsible for the correct entry of the data, in particular the data carrier number (KeyCard number), and acknowledges that the data carrier cannot be activated in the event of incorrect entry.
The customer acknowledges that the order process cannot be cancelled or reversed once the payment button has been pressed.

The electronic confirmation of execution (e-mail confirmation) from Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH serves as the only admissible proof of the properly made booking and must therefore be carried by the customer and, in the event of a complaint, presented at the operator's cash desks together with the booked data carrier.
Payment in the online shop is made by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or SOFORTüberweisung. The amount will be charged immediately to your credit card or debited from your account upon notification of the intended use.
The booked service can be used at the earliest 30 minutes after receipt of the confirmation of implementation when an existing KeyCard is reloaded. From this point in time, the activation of the data carrier is generally effective on all access control systems in the booked ski area.
Any malfunction of a ski pass must be reported immediately to the nearest ticket office. Later complaints regarding function and billing cannot be considered.
We request that the dates of birth of children and young people are entered correctly.
- age checks are carried out in the ski area! Entering false data is considered fraud. Please note that discounted tickets and snowman tickets can only be issued at the ticket offices as before!

4. Loss of tickets

In principle, lost tickets will not be replaced. The loss of a ticket whose holder's name is recorded (personalised ski ticket) can be reported at the Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH ticket office. On presentation of the original purchase receipt and identification and payment of a processing fee of € 25.00, the ticket can be reissued. The lost ticket will be blocked.
In the event of a forgotten season ticket, a replacement ticket must be purchased at a cost of
€ 10,00 must be purchased. The forgotten ticket will be blocked for that one day.
In principle, no replacement tickets can be issued without presentation of the purchase receipt.

5. Refund

Refunds are only possible in the event of skiing accidents for ski passes valid for 2 days or more. The refund will be made from the day following the last use or at the earliest from the first day after the accident. If the ski pass is used again after the accident, a full refund is excluded. The receipt and a medical certificate must be presented at a Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH ticket office by 12:00 noon on the following day at the latest. Refunds are available in the ski region in which the ski pass was purchased.
The announced start and end dates of a season are not "fixed dates" and are
"fixed dates" and depend, for example, on the weather.
When season tickets are refunded, the amount is staggered according to the date of return. For season tickets received by Hochficht Bergbahnen after 28.02., no further refunds will be made without exception, with the exception of the pandemic refund guarantee.

Failure to use a ticket due to bad weather, avalanche danger, unforeseen departure, illness, operational disruptions and interruptions, closure of ski facilities (ski runs), closure of entire facilities, closure of individual lifts and all lifts for whatever reason, premature cessation of lift operation or similar shall not give rise to any entitlement to a refund or extension of the period of validity. In particular, the discontinuation of operation due to force majeure, official orders due to technical, health (pandemic, epidemic, and similar) or other reasons do not give rise to a claim for refund or extension of the period of validity, insofar as these closures were not caused by gross negligence on the part of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH.

For each case of refund, the refund value is based on the ratio of the purchase value and the period of use of the ski ticket. A refund for a season ticket is excluded in any case if the season ticket has already been used on 15 days or more. Refunds are only possible for tickets valid for 2 days or more. Winter season tickets will not be refunded after 28 February (date of receipt by Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH).

6. Rescue of injured persons

The rescue of injured persons is organised by Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH and carried out in cooperation with its partners, provided the injury occurs during operating hours. A fee will be charged in relation to the rescue costs.

7. Piste reservations

In principle, piste reservations are only possible subject to availability. The promise of such a reservation is made exclusively at the discretion of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH. The reservation of individual pistes for training, coaching and racing events must be made in writing. A corresponding agreement must be signed by the customer and returned to Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH. If there is no signed agreement, no pistes will be made available. The reservation must be confirmed in writing by Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH.

In order to guarantee safe and unhindered customer traffic, any placing and setting up of objects or aids (in particular also teaching/learning aids) as well as the insertion, drilling of poles, barriers etc. outside the reserved and actually allocated pistes, piste sections or other partial areas is prohibited.
When setting poles and barriers within the allocated areas, these may only be anchored into the overlying snow cover and not drilled into the ground. When leaving the reserved section of the piste, it must be cleared of all
of all placed and erected objects and makeshifts, inserted or drilled poles and barriers, etc., so that the piste/track can again be used by the customers without danger and without hindrance.

8. Fun sports/special facilities

The usability of special ski areas may be partially or fully restricted. These restrictions do not entitle the customer to a refund, price reduction or extension of the use of the ski ticket.

9. Equipment hours

In the event of unscheduled use by our staff of piste equipment or skidoos/quads, the applicable charging rates will apply. A minimum of 20 minutes will be charged for all equipment use.

10. Transport of goods and animals by cable cars

A fee will be charged for the transport of goods. A liability claim for transport damages is excluded.
Animal transports also require the purchase of a ticket and must be appropriately stored. Dogs are generally required to be kept on a leash in the ski area, and a muzzle is compulsory during transport and in enclosed areas of all facilities. The owner of the animal is jointly and severally liable for any personal injury or damage to property.

11. Special journeys

Special journeys can be arranged with Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH or with the management, but only if at least five people are to be transported. Separate charging rates apply for these special trips.

12. Skidoo/quad rides

The operation of skidoos/quads on the piste areas of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH is only permitted with the consent of the landowner and Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH, which must be obtained by the skidoo operator himself/herself; if necessary, official consent must also be obtained. Skidoos/quads must be in a technically perfect condition, warning and emergency stop devices must be fitted accordingly. The driver must have the appropriate training and instruction as well as any necessary official permits. The operator of the skidoos/quads must ensure that it is not possible for unauthorised persons to operate them. In the event of damage to property or personal injury, liability lies exclusively with the operator of the skidoos/quads.

13. Ski touring/piste walking

Ski touring/piste walking on the piste areas of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH is prohibited without exception for safety reasons.

14. Paragliding

As there is no suitable static area available in the Hochficht ski area, paragliding launches are not permitted. For safety reasons, all ski slopes and parking areas are expressly prohibited for take-off and landing.

15. Lockers

Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH may offer the use of lockable lockers as a service for an appropriate fee. The opening hours depend on the opening hours of the Hochficht ski arena. Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH accepts no liability whatsoever for lost items or damage arising in connection with the use of the lockers.

16. Liability

The liability of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH for damage to property and financial losses arising in connection with the use of the lift and piste facilities is excluded in the case of slight negligence. The operators of the lift facilities are in no way responsible for items lost by the customer in the ski area. In the event of possible soiling of clothing during the use of the lifts, the operator is not liable for any compensation.
Any liability towards customers, whether based on contractual or legal provisions, for incidents arising from or during the use of the lift and piste facilities shall be borne exclusively by the lift company in whose ski area such an incident occurs. In principle, there is no liability for other lift companies that use the same Verbundkarte. The actual transport contract shall only be concluded with the lift company whose lift and piste facilities the customer is using at the time of the incident.

17. Commercial and promotional activities

Any commercial or advertising activity on the facilities, pistes and ski runs as well as parking areas of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH must be expressly approved by the latter. The installation of advertising boards, panorama cameras and other advertising may only be carried out with the consent of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH. Infringements may also result in exclusion from carriage and withdrawal of the ticket without replacement. (see point 2)

18. Data processing

By concluding the contract of carriage, the customer expressly consents to the processing and use by Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH of the data provided by him/her for advertising purposes. The consent to the use of such data may be revoked in writing at any time. Only such personal data will be collected as is necessary for the performance and processing of the services of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH or as is voluntarily provided by the customer.

The customer gives his express consent for the data he enters when making a booking to be stored and processed for the purpose of carrying out the booking and payment process. This data may also be compared with external systems for control purposes. The customer also agrees to this data being passed on within the framework of the legal provisions and restrictions (DSGVO).
provisions and restrictions (DSGVO) to the partner companies, namely Hinterstoder-Wurzeralm Bergbahnen AG, Almtal-Bergbahnen GmbH & Co KG, Großglockner Bergbahn-Touristik GmbH, Unterberghornbahnen GmbH & Co. KG, Hochkar Bergbahnen GmbH and Ötscherlift GmbH. The customer's attention is drawn to the fact that this consent can be revoked at any time.
The customer has the option of creating the data transfer via secure data connections (SSL) in his area himself. On the part of the companies involved, the transmission, at least of the data necessary for the payment processing, takes place in any case via secure data lines.
The customer declares his express consent to the transmission of the payment confirmation into the payment system and - after its release for payment - to the debiting of the respective invoice amount due in the collection authorisation procedure of the selected payment method.
All companies involved in the booking process are subject to the secrecy of telecommunications and obligations of the DSGVO.
When tickets are booked, the data entered is processed electronically. The customer will be informed by e-mail about new services and ski offers. This service is free of charge and can be cancelled at any time.
The protection of the customers' personal data is ensured by appropriate organisational and technical precautions. These precautions relate in particular to protection against unauthorised, illegal and also accidental access, processing, loss, use and manipulation.
However, Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH accepts no liability whatsoever for the disclosure of information due to errors in data transmission not caused by Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH and/or authorised access by third parties. The data will not be stored for longer than is necessary for the fulfilment of contractual or legal obligations and for the defence of any liability claims.

19. Information on the reference photo

It is pointed out that for the purpose of access control a reference photo of the lift ticket holder is taken the first time he/she passes through a turnstile equipped with a camera. This reference photo is compared by the lift staff with the photos taken each time the lift ticket holder passes through a turnstile equipped with a camera.
The reference and comparison photos are deleted after the expiry of the validity of the lift ticket + offset time.
Please note that it is also possible to purchase lift tickets with an additional charge of 50% of the normal price, which are technically configured in such a way that no photo is taken when passing through the turnstile, but random checks by the lift staff must be expected.

20. Value vouchers

Value vouchers do not include VAT due to the lack of allocation of the service content. Vouchers can only be redeemed at Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH. They cannot be used to pay for other services such as accommodation or visits to mountain huts.
If the value of the voucher is more than the service used, the difference will be paid out in cash. No cash redemption of the total amount is possible.
Vouchers can be purchased at the ticket offices in the ski area, ordered in the online shop or by e-mail. The value vouchers "by post" are sent free of shipping costs together with the invoice (approx. 3-5 working days within Switzerland). No liability is accepted for any delays in delivery by post. Each value voucher has a unique authorisation number assigned to it. If several vouchers with the same authorisation number appear, this is a case of misuse, which will have penal consequences. When a voucher is redeemed for the first time, all vouchers with the same authorisation number are cancelled.
Vouchers are transferable.
Lost vouchers will not be replaced.

21. Photo references

For the purpose of documenting and presenting our activities, photos and video recordings are made in the course of events either by us or by photographers commissioned by us, which are published on our website, in social media channels and in print media as part of our public relations work, in order to provide our business partners and customers as well as interested persons with an insight into our activities and to increase our level of awareness. We base the processing of this data on our legitimate interest within the meaning of Art 6 para 1 lit f DSGVO as well as on §§ 12, 13 DSG while ensuring proportionality. The recordings made are made available to the public by publication on our website, in social media and in print media. These recordings will not be used for any other purpose. The data will also not be passed on to recipients who pursue their own purposes with this data. The data will not be transferred by the responsible party to third countries. The image and video recordings are stored until the end of the third year after the last use, as only then can it be assumed that they are no longer required for the purpose of processing. Individual image recordings, especially with public figures, may also be stored for longer for archiving purposes. This does not affect the examination of a request for deletion in individual cases. As a data subject, you have the right to information, correction, deletion, restriction of processing, objection and data portability within the framework of the legal provisions. To exercise your rights, please contact: Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH; Hauptstraße 2, A-4160 Aigen-Schlägl Email: You can already exercise the right to deletion during the event by immediately requesting the photographer to show you the photo or video recording after it has been taken of you and to delete it immediately. If you are of the opinion that the processing of your data violates the applicable data protection law or that your data protection interests have been violated in any other way, you are free to file a complaint with a supervisory authority.
If you are of the opinion that the processing of your data violates applicable data protection law or that your data protection interests have been violated in any other way, you are free to file a complaint with a supervisory authority, which in Austria is the data protection authority.

22. Mandatory wearing of a tight-fitting mechanical protective device covering the mouth and nose

The narrower interpretation of the GTC applies in this point compared to the Conditions of Carriage.
In the case of persons who refuse to wear a tight-fitting mechanical protective device covering the mouth and nose for health reasons, the basic obligation to carry is offset by the actual danger posed by persons without mouth/nose protection and the feeling of insecurity of the other passengers. In a weighing of the affected legal interests, the right to physical integrity is to be emphasised and therefore passengers who do not wear a tight-fitting mechanical protective device covering the mouth and nose are excluded from carriage.
Only children up to the age of six are excluded from this regulation.

23. Other provisions

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Business, the general conditions of carriage of the respective facilities shall apply. The customer undertakes to take note of these in advance and not to violate them and to follow the instructions of the respective lift personnel. In particular, the special transport regulations for children under 110 cm or 125 cm tall must be observed.
Furthermore, it is pointed out that leaving the prepared and designated routes and slopes (e.g. also deep snow and mogul slopes) as well as skiing on the adjacent forest areas is strictly prohibited. Violation is punishable (§ 33 Forestry Act); furthermore, liability for any resulting damage is excluded.

In general, all our ski slopes are closed from 17:00 - 08:15. An exception is the Wenzelwiese during night skiing from 16:00 - 19:00 on designated days (see HP Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH).

The FIS piste rules also form part of these General Terms and Conditions and must be observed by the user of the lifts and piste facilities.

Austrian law shall apply. The competent court of jurisdiction is determined at the registered office of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH.

Status: December 2020.
The General Terms and Conditions of Carriage apply in addition to the GTC.